An Islamic female in Mogadishu finally did it: she inflicted eleven lashes on an Islamic leader for threatening to flog her for promoting cannabis.

To justify the intended flogging of the lady right before she turned about the male who experienced requested it, the rulers pointed to some passage during the Koran that forbids the sale of all prescription drugs other than aspirin and antacids.

He was the fist male to obtain this sort of punishment with the hands of a woman For the reason that fundamentalist rulers seized control of the capital in June; in truth, the 1st Islamic male to become flogged by a girl considering that certainly one of Mohammed’s wives received upset with him for attempting to make her put on major dresses in the summertime.

The Somali woman was also irate which the fundamentalist regime experienced before raided a Motion picture dwelling where she and her close friends were looking at a romance through which by far the most daring scene was an Islamic female waving her veil at a camel, in what was thought of an illicit come-hither method.

The fundamentalist leaders take into account any enjoyment as un-Islamic apart from owning entertaining memorizing the Koran. To bolster their case, stability officers cited a passage in the holy guide that forbids gonna a tent to look at a Motion picture and states that doing so is actually a sin punishable by having to eat chilly popcorn and drink warm Coca-Cola.From: game casino

In mild on the beating inflicted by the irate lady, the fundamentalist regime is reevaluating the wholesale subordination and repression of the female half of its populace, knowing which the coverage may perhaps unleash a typhoon of feminine resentment that sends the fear of Allah into your deepest recesses of your Adult men’s below-educated and regressive souls.

And can you suspect itFrom: web game casino? If the group the lady experienced whipped into submission took up debate to finish the subordination of the feminine fifty percent from the country, the leaders have been astonished to begin to see the sky component, golden rays of sunshine glow forth from it, and Mohammed himself seem on the impeccably white cumulus cloud, to mention, “Thanks. All of this prejudice and violence are starting to give my divinely blessed religion a foul title, Specially among the infidels. And we don’t want to do this, can we? No, no, shame, shame, oh, bitter disgrace on whoever disgraces Islam with this kind of conduct and woe is me!”

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